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Kuraray Co., Ltd.

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  2021 Application Ranking      154th  publications: 120 上昇2020: 173th  255)

  2021 Acquisition Ranking      162th  registrations: 83 下降2020: 146th  203)

(update:Jun 16, 2021)

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Publication numberTitle of the InventionPublic. dateRemarks
B 6885657 Resin composition, heat sealant, film for liquid packaging container, liquid packaging container, liquid discharge member and medical container Jun 16, 2021
B 6885789 Inner liners, pneumatic tires, and how to make them Jun 16, 2021
B 6887375 Fiber-containing carbonated roof tile and its manufacturing method Jun 16, 2021

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6885657 6885789 6887375

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