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Robert Bosch Gesellschaft Mito Beschlenktel Haftung

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  2022 Application Ranking      92th  publications: 9 上昇2021: 114th  362)

  2022 Acquisition Ranking      150th  registrations: 2 下降2021: 126th  231)

(update:Jan 11, 2022)

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Publication numberTitle of the InventionPublic. dateRemarks
B 6989531 Methods and devices for controlling longitudinal motion characteristics in automobiles during the autonomous driving process Jan 5, 2022
B 6989607 Solenoid valves, internal combustion engines with solenoid valves and methods for manufacturing solenoid valves Jan 5, 2022

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6989531 6989607

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東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町1丁目35-14-202 特許・実用新案 意匠 商標 外国特許 鑑定 コンサルティング 


〒130-0022 東京都墨田区江東橋4-24-5 協新ビル402 特許・実用新案 意匠 商標 外国特許 外国意匠 外国商標 訴訟 鑑定 コンサルティング 


〒445-0802 愛知県西尾市米津町蓮台6-10 特許・実用新案 意匠 商標 外国特許 外国意匠 外国商標 訴訟 鑑定 コンサルティング