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  2013 Application Ranking      89th  publications: 523 上昇2012: 182th  250)

  2013 Acquisition Ranking      154th  registrations: 268 下降2012: 126th  310)

(update:Sep 26, 2023)

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特表 2013-543608 Devices and methods to force viewing of various types of ads Dec 5, 2013
特表 2013-543694 Transmission / reception method and equipment for reverse MIMO retransmission by PHICH in LTE system Dec 5, 2013
特表 2013-543330 Methods and devices for determining the maximum transmission power for each carrier in a mobile communication system for carrier aggregation Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-543288 A method for multiplexing data transmitted and received via an AV interface and its device Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-543319 Methods and systems for providing MDT measurement information to base stations in a wireless network environment Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-543331 Methods and systems for transmitting packet data units of machine-type communication devices through network interfaces in long-term evolution networks Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-543347 Methods and devices for receiving subframes of different forms in a wireless communication system Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-543189 A method of controlling a remote device using SMS and a device for that purpose. Nov 28, 2013
特表 2013-542678 Method and device for controlling measurement information with 3GPP system Nov 21, 2013
特表 2013-542692 Methods and devices for generation of reception confirmation information and power control in time division multiplexing systems Nov 21, 2013
特表 2013-542681 Content sharing methods and devices that use information about group changes in a content-centric network environment Nov 21, 2013
特表 2013-542697 Resource management method for interference adjustment in wireless communication system and its system Nov 21, 2013
特開 2013-236402 Physical broadcast channel (PBCH) transmission for reliable antenna configuration detection Nov 21, 2013
特表 2013-542698 Methods and devices for communicating with base stations using the speed of terminals in mobile communication systems Nov 21, 2013
特表 2013-542684 Equipment and methods for channel measurement of wireless link monitoring in wireless networks Nov 21, 2013

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