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2011 Patent Ranking in Japan

- Update: Jan 14, 2021 -

Ranking based on publications issued in 2011.

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Publication of application in 2011   - update: Jan 14, 2021 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of acquisition in 2011
101th Hitachi Cable Ltd. 441 特許件数下降 109th 445 187(195th)
102th Toyota Boshoku Co., Ltd. 437 特許件数上昇 90th 541 180(201th)
103th Toyota Central Research Institute Co., Ltd. 434 特許件数上昇 88th 544 366(94th)
104th Disco Co., Ltd. 429 特許件数下降 148th 338 202(177th)
105th Aisin AW Co., Ltd. 423 特許件数上昇 91th 535 324(108th)
106th Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 419 特許件数上昇 63th 651 376(89th)
107th Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. 416 特許件数下降 112th 429 474(67th)
108th Toyobo Co., Ltd. 412 特許件数下降 133th 379 354(97th)
109th Toyota Industries Corporation 410 特許件数上昇 102th 469 248(144th)
110th Elpida Memory Co., Ltd. 409 特許件数下降 141th 357 86(379th)
111th Daiichi Shokai Co., Ltd. 405 特許件数上昇 74th 600 278(131th)
112th Alps Electric Co., Ltd. 391 特許件数上昇 64th 649 181(199th)
113th Terumo Corporation 386 特許件数下降 188th 267 233(153th)
113th Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. 386 特許件数上昇 104th 464 220(163th)
115th JSR Corporation 382 特許件数上昇 88th 544 368(91th)
116th Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. 375 特許件数下降 119th 410 282(126th)
117th Murata Machinery Co., Ltd. 372 特許件数上昇 107th 454 221(162th)
118th Telefon Acty Bora Get Elm Ericson (Pubble) 371 特許件数上昇 108th 450 368(91th)
119th Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. 370 特許件数下降 146th 349 337(100th)
120th KDDI CORPORATION 368 特許件数上昇 117th 414 373(90th)

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Registered in 2011   - Update:Jan 14, 2021 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of aplications in 2011
81th Yoshino Industry Co., Ltd. 406 特許件数下降84th 337 366(123th)
82th Yanmar Co., Ltd. 405 特許件数上昇57th 439 476(84th)
83th Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. 404 特許件数下降99th 298 579(66th)
83th LG Electronics Incorporated 404 特許件数下降113th 272 209(205th)
85th Thomson licensing 401 特許件数下降120th 260 308(147th)
86th JTEKT Corporation 400 特許件数上昇76th 375 656(58th)
86th Seiko Instruments Inc. 400 特許件数下降106th 285 528(78th)
88th Showa Denko Co., Ltd. 379 特許件数下降136th 228 513(79th)
89th Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 376 特許件数上昇86th 330 419(106th)
90th KDDI CORPORATION 373 特許件数下降164th 196 368(120th)
91th JSR Corporation 368 特許件数下降138th 225 382(115th)
91th Telefon Acty Bora Get Elm Ericson (Pubble) 368 特許件数上昇90th 315 371(118th)
93th Japan Science and Technology Agency 367 特許件数上昇70th 407 140(287th)
94th Toyota Central Research Institute Co., Ltd. 366 特許件数下降115th 270 434(103th)
95th Hitachi Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd. 357 特許件数上昇61th 424 687(53th)
95th Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 357 特許件数下降108th 279 127(312th)
97th Toyobo Co., Ltd. 354 特許件数上昇81th 347 412(108th)
98th Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation 350 特許件数上昇95th 307 689(52th)
99th Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. 344 特許件数上昇82th 342 247(179th)
100th Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. 337 特許件数上昇79th 350 370(119th)
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※ In order to calculate an accurate ranking, joint applications are totaled as the application of the first applicant.

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