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2012 Patent Ranking in Japan

- Update: Nov 25, 2021 -

Ranking based on publications issued in 2012.

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Publication of application in 2012   - update: Nov 25, 2021 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of acquisition in 2012
161th Thomson licensing 286 特許件数上昇 147th 308 437(90th)
162th Konica Minolta Opto Co., Ltd. 285 特許件数上昇 82th 488 125(290th)
163th Lintec Co., Ltd. 284 特許件数下降 170th 255 263(147th)
163th Tosoh Corporation 284 特許件数上昇 154th 288 230(167th)
165th Daio Paper Co., Ltd. 283 特許件数上昇 161th 272 282(141th)
166th Fujitsu Ten Limited 281 特許件数下降 192th 223 116(312th)
166th Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd. 281 特許件数上昇 151th 300 107(343th)
168th Japan Auto Parts Research Institute, Inc. 279 特許件数下降 216th 198 124(292th)
169th Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. 278 特許件数下降 211th 203 307(127th)
170th Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. 277 特許件数下降 279th 144 136(270th)
171th Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. 268 特許件数下降 185th 237 233(163th)
171th Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd. 268 特許件数下降 197th 216 292(133th)
173th Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. 265 特許件数上昇 170th 255 154(243th)
174th Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. 261 特許件数上昇 173th 253 219(177th)
175th Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. 259 特許件数上昇 165th 269 285(138th)
176th JX Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. 256 特許件数下降 215th 199 173(224th)
177th Toyobo Co., Ltd. 255 特許件数上昇 108th 412 283(139th)
177th Nintendo Co., Ltd 255 特許件数下降 298th 134 151(250th)
177th Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. 255 特許件数上昇 160th 273 236(161th)
180th Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 254 特許件数下降 189th 230 217(181th)

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Registered in 2012   - Update:Nov 25, 2021 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of aplications in 2012
161th Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. 236 特許件数上昇106th 329 255(177th)
162th Kuraray Co., Ltd. 235 特許件数下降167th 215 249(183th)
163th Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. 233 特許件数下降183th 196 268(171th)
163th Hamamatsu Photonics Co., Ltd. 233 特許件数上昇157th 228 185(237th)
165th Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. 232 特許件数下降188th 193 538(78th)
166th Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. 231 特許件数下降203th 177 328(140th)
167th Tosoh Corporation 230 特許件数下降195th 187 284(163th)
168th Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. 229 特許件数下降267th 131 202(226th)
168th Hitachi Cable Ltd. 229 特許件数下降195th 187 527(81th)
170th Daito Giken Co., Ltd. 225 特許件数下降202th 179 304(149th)
170th Konica Minolta Advanced Layer Co., Ltd. 225 - 328(140th)
172th Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. 223 特許件数下降233th 152 293(157th)
173th TOTO Corporation 222 特許件数上昇155th 232 337(136th)
173th Siemens Actien Gezershaft 222 特許件数上昇136th 271 148(283th)
175th Terumo Corporation 221 特許件数上昇153th 233 462(99th)
175th Mitsuba Co., Ltd. 221 特許件数下降316th 108 144(294th)
177th Suzuki Corporation 219 特許件数下降191th 191 692(57th)
177th Equus Research Co., Ltd. 219 特許件数下降261th 133 147(287th)
177th Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. 219 特許件数上昇138th 266 261(174th)
180th Alps Electric Co., Ltd. 218 特許件数下降199th 181 358(130th)
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※ In order to calculate an accurate ranking, joint applications are totaled as the application of the first applicant.

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