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2012 Patent Ranking in Japan

- Update: Oct 7, 2022 -

Ranking based on publications issued in 2012.

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Publication of application in 2012   - update: Oct 7, 2022 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of acquisition in 2012
321th Nestec Society Anonym 130 特許件数下降 360th 109 48(672th)
321th Boehringer Ingelheim International Gesellschaft Mitt Beschlenktel Haftun… 130 特許件数下降 329th 121 63(533th)
321th Eastman Kodak Company 130 特許件数上昇 267th 153 99(367th)
321th Nichia Corporation 130 特許件数下降 357th 111 179(217th)
325th Ibiden Co., Ltd. 129 特許件数上昇 254th 159 159(237th)
326th Grove Ride Co., Ltd. 128 特許件数上昇 257th 157 110(330th)
327th Central Glass Co., Ltd. 127 特許件数上昇 296th 135 87(411th)
328th NEC TOKIN Corporation 126 特許件数上昇 323th 123 120(301th)
328th Samsung Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. 126 特許件数下降 384th 100 53(616th)
328th Agricultural and food industry technology research institute 126 特許件数下降 475th 76 106(348th)
328th Nike International Limited 126 特許件数下降 700th 47 26(1082th)
332th Daikoku Electric Co., Ltd. 125 特許件数下降 351th 113 109(336th)
333th Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. 124 特許件数下降 366th 107 143(259th)
334th Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. 123 特許件数下降 351th 113 66(511th)
334th Merck Patent Gesellschaft Mitt Beschlenktel Haftung 123 特許件数上昇 305th 129 147(254th)
334th Meidensha Co., Ltd. 123 特許件数下降 369th 105 206(192th)
334th Honeywell International, Inc. 123 特許件数上昇 315th 126 98(372th)
334th KOKUYO CORPORATION 123 特許件数上昇 300th 133 170(226th)
339th Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. 122 特許件数上昇 192th 223 109(336th)
339th Oji Paper Co., Ltd. 122 特許件数上昇 289th 139 58(572th)

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Registered in 2012   - Update:Oct 7, 2022 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of aplications in 2012
321th Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. 113 特許件数下降817th 34 71(512th)
322th Konica Minolta MG Co., Ltd. 112 特許件数上昇280th 125 243(185th)
322th Shibaura Mechatronics Co., Ltd. 112 特許件数上昇246th 141 142(299th)
322th Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. 112 特許件数上昇250th 140 77(483th)
325th Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. 111 特許件数下降360th 91 178(241th)
325th RIKEN 111 特許件数下降334th 103 59(576th)
325th Hitachi GE Nuclear Energy Co., Ltd. 111 特許件数下降456th 72 215(212th)
325th National Institute of Information and Communications Technology 111 特許件数上昇306th 112 140(301th)
325th Asmo Co., Ltd. 111 特許件数上昇298th 115 151(280th)
330th Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. 110 特許件数上昇306th 112 148(283th)
330th Unitika Ltd. 110 特許件数下降355th 92 166(258th)
330th National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology 110 特許件数下降441th 75 117(352th)
330th Interdigital Technology Corporation 110 特許件数上昇261th 133 117(352th)
330th Grove Ride Co., Ltd. 110 特許件数下降460th 71 128(326th)
330th Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd. 110 特許件数下降360th 91 171(250th)
336th Novartis Age 109 特許件数下降339th 101 171(250th)
336th Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. 109 特許件数上昇329th 104 122(339th)
336th NEC Access Technica Co., Ltd. 109 特許件数下降348th 96 152(277th)
336th Mirai Industry Co., Ltd. 109 特許件数下降392th 84 68(523th)
336th Daikoku Electric Co., Ltd. 109 特許件数下降383th 85 125(332th)
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※ In order to calculate an accurate ranking, joint applications are totaled as the application of the first applicant.

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