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2020 Patent Ranking in Japan

- Update: Sep 26, 2023 -

Ranking based on publications issued in 2020.

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Publication of application in 2020   - update: Sep 26, 2023 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of acquisition in 2020
141th Mitsubishi Materials Corporation 307 特許件数上昇 125th 371 260(104th)
142th Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. 306 特許件数下降 150th 315 160(178th)
143th Toshiba Lifestyle Corporation 303 特許件数下降 150th 315 192(149th)
144th Yanmar Co., Ltd. 300 特許件数下降 184th 256 210(136th)
144th Tosoh Corporation 300 特許件数下降 187th 252 206(140th)
146th Fujikura Ltd. 299 特許件数上昇 99th 437 238(119th)
147th Nidec Sankyo Corporation 297 特許件数上昇 136th 347 87(309th)
148th Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. 294 特許件数下降 161th 301 133(213th)
149th Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. 290 特許件数下降 196th 242 191(151th)
150th Unicharm Co., Ltd. 289 特許件数下降 165th 287 177(165th)
150th Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. 289 特許件数上昇 100th 436 265(103th)
150th Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 289 特許件数下降 179th 264 157(183th)
153th Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America 285 特許件数下降 163th 289 192(149th)
154th Alibaba Group Holding Limited 284 特許件数下降 302th 132 226(125th)
154th Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. 284 特許件数下降 212th 218 160(178th)
156th International Business Machines Corporation 280 特許件数下降 363th 106 131(219th)
157th Showa Denko Co., Ltd. 279 特許件数下降 176th 271 179(163th)
158th Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation 275 特許件数下降 167th 281 143(205th)
159th Lintec Co., Ltd. 274 特許件数下降 170th 280 174(167th)
160th Fuji Corporation 273 特許件数下降 201th 235 126(229th)

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Registered in 2020   - Update:Sep 26, 2023 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of aplications in 2020
101th Oji Holdings Co., Ltd. 269 特許件数下降123th 234 408(98th)
102th NTT Docomo, Inc. 268 特許件数下降115th 245 576(65th)
103th Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. 265 特許件数上昇53th 462 289(150th)
104th Mitsubishi Materials Corporation 260 特許件数下降122th 237 307(141th)
104th Nippon Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. 260 特許件数上昇87th 307 433(90th)
106th Kaneka Corporation 259 特許件数下降125th 231 312(137th)
107th Toyota Central Research Institute Co., Ltd. 256 特許件数下降134th 217 486(78th)
108th Qualcomm, Inc. 255 特許件数上昇73th 341 308(140th)
109th Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 253 特許件数下降119th 239 314(135th)
109th Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. 253 特許件数上昇81th 321 347(120th)
111th Toshiba Tec Corporation 252 特許件数下降224th 125 567(67th)
112th Google Incorporated 250 特許件数上昇105th 271 330(127th)
113th Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. 247 特許件数上昇112th 253 409(97th)
114th Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. 245 特許件数上昇100th 281 420(95th)
115th Zeon Corporation 244 特許件数下降124th 232 372(111th)
116th Toyo Tire Corporation 242 特許件数下降125th 231 344(121th)
117th Kyogaku Sangyo. Corporation 241 特許件数上昇115th 245 600(61th)
118th SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. 239 特許件数上昇98th 282 385(107th)
119th Fujikura Ltd. 238 特許件数上昇107th 260 299(146th)
120th 3M Innovative Properties Company 236 特許件数上昇89th 306 353(118th)
Applicant name

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※ In order to calculate an accurate ranking, joint applications are totaled as the application of the first applicant.

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