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2020 Patent Ranking in Japan

- Update: Oct 22, 2020 -

Ranking based on publications issued in 2020.

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Publication of application in 2020   - update: Oct 22, 2020 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of acquisition in 2020
199th COLOPL CORPORATION 174 特許件数上昇 159th 302 54(376th)
202th TS Tech Co., Ltd. 172 特許件数上昇 189th 251 102(220th)
203th Kashima Construction Co., Ltd. 170 特許件数下降 211th 219 187(116th)
203th Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. 170 特許件数下降 258th 167 120(183th)
205th Qualcomm Incorporated 169 特許件数上昇 155th 309 340(51th)
206th Daito Giken Co., Ltd. 167 特許件数下降 257th 169 152(149th)
206th Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation 167 特許件数上昇 177th 270 177(128th)
206th JATCO Ltd. 167 特許件数上昇 163th 289 118(186th)
206th Mitsubishi Paper Mills Co., Ltd. 167 特許件数下降 255th 170 20(807th)
210th Roland Dee. Gee. Corporation 166 特許件数下降 314th 125 58(351th)
211th Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd. 165 特許件数上昇 202th 234 84(259th)
211th Meidensha Co., Ltd. 165 特許件数下降 226th 201 80(276th)
213th Apple Incorporated 164 特許件数上昇 208th 224 156(144th)
214th Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 163 特許件数上昇 152th 313 150(151th)
214th Obic Co., Ltd. 163 特許件数下降 255th 170 16(961th)
216th Dow Global Technologies LLC 162 特許件数上昇 139th 340 136(166th)
217th NOK Corporation 157 特許件数上昇 213th 214 85(257th)
217th Mercari inc. 157 特許件数下降 1916th 12 12(1196th)
219th Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 155 特許件数下降 239th 185 97(232th)
220th Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. 154 特許件数上昇 205th 227 167(135th)

Patent applications ranking

Patent acquisition ranking

Registered in 2020   - Update:Oct 22, 2020 -

RankingApplicantnumberlast year rankinglast year numbernumber of aplications in 2020
121th Olympia Co., Ltd. 181 特許件数下降225th 124 127(260th)
121th SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. 181 特許件数上昇98th 282 344(90th)
123th Alps Electric Co., Ltd. 180 特許件数上昇119th 239 139(244th)
124th Yanmar Co., Ltd. 179 特許件数上昇117th 242 258(136th)
124th Kyogaku Sangyo. Corporation 179 特許件数上昇115th 245 495(63th)
126th Japan Auto Parts Research Institute, Inc. 178 特許件数下降132th 221 295(116th)
126th GS Yuasa Co., Ltd. 178 特許件数下降174th 160 138(246th)
128th Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation 177 特許件数上昇110th 254 167(206th)
129th Applied Materials Incorporated 176 特許件数下降156th 176 242(149th)
130th Alibaba Group Holding Limited 175 特許件数下降327th 83 274(125th)
131th Toyo Tire Corporation 174 特許件数上昇125th 231 313(107th)
132th Toyobo Co., Ltd. 172 特許件数下降140th 202 207(172th)
133th Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. 171 特許件数下降164th 174 130(258th)
134th Tosoh Corporation 168 特許件数下降150th 185 253(140th)
135th Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. 167 特許件数下降147th 192 154(220th)
136th Fujitec Co., Ltd. 166 特許件数下降309th 89 109(291th)
136th JVC Kenwood Co., Ltd. 166 特許件数下降191th 140 449(64th)
138th Kuraray Co., Ltd. 165 特許件数下降149th 189 187(191th)
138th Japan Display Co., Ltd. 165 特許件数下降145th 197 366(82th)
140th LG Electronics Incorporated 164 特許件数上昇103th 274 346(89th)
Applicant name

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※ In order to calculate an accurate ranking, joint applications are totaled as the application of the first applicant.

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